2 p.m. on Sunday, 11 November 2018
Moore County Wildlife & Conservation Club, Inc.
1820 Camp Easter Road (Carthage address between Southern Pines & Lakeview)


Open to any gas gun, centerfire calibers .300 Blackout / 7.62 x 39 and below. Shooters will need 40 rounds plus sighters.  Please bring at least two magazines.  Alternate positions for disabled shooters, in the discretion of the Range Safety Officer (“RSO”).

Start Position: Standing for all positions.

Weapon Status: Weapon on safe, bolt forward on an empty chamber, magazine inserted.

Stage Procedures:  On the start signal, the shooter assumes the designated position from the standing, and charges his weapon. He then engages the designated target with 10 rounds within the time allotted. The shooter then clears his weapon and prepares to move to the next yard line. Shooter repeats the process for all yard lines. Shooters will not insert a magazine until told to by the RSO.    


Scoring:     Maximum score is 400-40X on B-8 targets.

Ties decided by number of X’s.

Start / Stop: Audible and designated time

Par times: 100 y prone. 60.00 sec

                   75 y sitting 50.00 sec

                   50 y kneeling 40.00 sec

                   25 y standing 30.00 sec

Penalties: Shots fired after time = - 10pts per shot

Only 10 hits per target will be scored, higher rounds will be dropped