Your Lodge Needs Your Help!  In order for the Lodge to fulfill the promises of Elkdom and server our Community's needs our Committees must have membership filled and Chairs elected.

New Members bring enthusiasm that spreads to long term members and improves a committee's ability to function by bringing new ideas.  This is a much needed concept for our committees and events.

An Activities/Membership Committee is being organized by Jack Grimm and John Medlin.  The purpose is to organize events to entertain the Membership and build camaraderie among Members.  It is really difficult for long term Members and younger Members to know what the other group would like to do without exposure to each other.  New Members can bring a whole new thought process to our problems that we will all benefit from.

Remember, the Lodge is more than a golf course, swimming pool, and bar.  Our purpose for being is to support our community.  Through the years, since our incorporation in 1946, we have given over 6.2 million dollars in support of the Community but we can continue to do this only if we have the help of our Members.

Please join us and help remake this Lodge into a spectacular place where families come to enjoy relaxation and entertainment in the company of friends.  Fill out the Member Interest form located HERE and we will contact you.

Thank you for helping,

Your Officers and Board Members