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Southern Pines Elks Lodge #1692 Golf Tournament benefitting our Special Needs Committee


February 26, 2024 Sothern Pines Golf Club

REGISTRATION: We will register two players (cart) on each registration form (attached) for ease of pairing each twosome. Foursomes are encouraged. Players who wish to play as a foursome need to turn in TWO registration forms at the same time and ask they be paired together.

FORMAT: Stableford system (points game), best scores from each cart.

RULES: Each foursome will be assigned a points quota based on individual handicaps. Minimum quota for any foursome is 36. We expect we’ve got most of the players on record from either GHIN or our normal games.

Double Bogey or worse – 0 points

Bogey = 1 point

Par = 2 points

Birdie = 4 points

Eagle = 6 points

Albatross = 10 points

Tees – All players will play the same tees their handicap / quota is based on.

SCORING: All 4 players will play their own ball into the hole. If bogey shot is not holed the player may pick the ball up. The maximum score on each hole is double bogey (zero points). No ‘gimmie’ putts for points are allowed.

The group will combine the best individual player score from each cart, converted into points.

Example: Cart 1 Player 1 scores par. Cart 1 Player 2 scores bogey. Cart 2 Player 1 scores bogey. Cart 2 Player 2 scores par. The foursome will record the two best scores, one from each cart. Since par is the best score from each cart (2 points + 2 points), 4 points total is scored for that foursome, for that hole. And so on….

Total score will reflect that foursome’s +/- delta, relative to their quota.

Example: the foursome’s assigned 18-hole quota is 47 points. The foursome records 51 total points for 18 holes using the above method, therefore that foursome has a final score of +4.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three foursomes after the event at the Lodge at approximately 6pm.

To Register –

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